• Vinyl Floorcloths

    Vinyl Floorcloths

  • Tag Lamps

    Tag Lamps

  • New Pillows!

    New Pillows!

  • Spoon Necklaces

    Spoon Necklaces

  • Lath Poetry Sticks

    Lath Poetry Sticks

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Welcome to Primitive Beginnings! We're continually adding exciting new products, updating our previous offerings, and featuring an extensive line of American made merchandise. We believe in the importance of offering items from American artists to ensure the highest quality, support the local crafts, and provide our customers with truly unique heirlooms, all while keeping down costs.

Such standards keep us constantly on the hunt for new and exciting products, and allow our customers access to beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience, and encourage you to check back often for our latest found treasures.

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