3 Tips to Discover your Personal Style

July 27, 2017

How to discover your personal style Primitive Beginnings

There are many benefits to sitting down and figuring out what your personal style is.  Whether it comes naturally to you, or you look at your closet in disgust because nothing goes together (or not everything fits you) it’s important for everyone to take hold of how they want to be perceived by the world while getting a major confidence boost! When you come to an understanding of what makes you YOU, that can be translated into your wardrobe, allowing you to effortlessly be the best you every day.  We hope this quick list can help jumpstart your personal style discovery!

1. Do a Closet Rehaul

A problem many people face is hoarding old clothing. Their closet slowly fills with items gathered over the years, resulting in a closet possibly filled with items that no longer fit, showing signs of wear and tear, are purely sentimental, or are simply outdated. Not only are these factors inevitable, but your tastes and opinions change over time as well! Theeverygirl.com curated a list of questions to ask yourself as you go through this stage.  Take some time to sift through your wardrobe and clear out the items that meet these criteria.

2.  Learn your Body Shape

No matter what shape you are, it is easy to find a clothing item for everyone thanks to the Internet! To dress your body right, you first need to understand your body.  The important thing to remember is that trends are not enjoyed by everyone (trends come and go) and that’s ok! Don’t feel forced to hop on the bandwagon because something is popular if you don’t feel like it was made for you!  Fashion blog WhoWhatWear has a Body Shape Calculator to help you figure out you shape, as well as what clothing items may compliment you best!

3.  Create a Mood Board

Now that you have an idea of what kind of fabric cuts would compliment you, move your search to Pinterest! Put together a board of not just clothing, but anything that makes you happy! Search clothes, accessories, makeup, home decor, artwork, quotes; find anything that sums up you! Once you have a small collection of items, scroll through your board and take note of similarities you see. Did you pick things with lots of vibrant colors, or monochrome pattern? Did you gravitate towards items minimalistic or something with a bold personality? Write down common themes you see so you have an idea of what to look for the next time you go out shopping!

With these tips, you are on a great start to revamping your look, which will make shopping easier and your mind healthier! How did you discover your personal look? Comment down below to share with others!

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