Introducing: The Perfect Large Ceramic Mug

June 15, 2017

We are excited to announce our new summer line of mugs, custom designed by our team. These large and sturdy 16 oz. ceramic mugs are perfect for gifts for friends or new decor for your kitchen. Read on to see our interview with our head Graphic Designer Natalie, as she describes her design process!



So many brands lean towards bright and sometimes overpowering colors for summer. So we decided to take our new product in a different direction. Inspired by warm festival tones with a vintage-color throwback, we went with a classic-shaped heavy mug to pair with these retro colors.


The process usually begins with brainstorming and seeking out products we really love and think our customers will love too. Then, we infuse a little snarky humor to give it some P.B. personality.

I use Illustrator to create the majority of our graphics. For products like coffee mugs, I will consider things like font choice and design spacing, keeping the overall look clean and simple.


Everyone on our team has a great sense of humor. A lot of the inspiration comes straight from jokes and ridiculous conversation overheard around the office. I love my job because we literally spend all day laughing!  

Outside of work, I am always on the lookout for design ideas too. Markets and liquor stores, for example, are endless sources of beautiful packaging inspiration. A saying on one of our new tank tops came directly from something I heard someone say at my gym. Our team also pays close attention to trends and popular themes (coffee, yoga and foxes!)


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