Ellicott City Flood Hits Home

May 31, 2018

Ellicott City Flood Hits Home

As many have already heard, Main St. Ellicott City, MD was hit horribly by a massive flash flood on around 4pm on May 27. 2018. Many of the businesses ecperienced servere damage, including Primitive Beginnings. What started out as a thunderstorm quickly turned into a river of rain water with in minutes. That day our manager, Sammy, was working in the store when the rain began to fall. As the rain waters progressed to fall even harder, two customer (who were visiting from out of town) stopped in to shop while also avoiding the rain. At that time, the water began to seep through the front door into the store front. Sammy proceed to call the owner of Primitive Beginnings, Jeff, for help to evacuated herself and the two customers.

When Jeff arrived to Main St. there was a solid foot of water streaming down through the town. After parking on the top of the street, on higher ground, he began his treck to the store by foot. When he got into the store, at that time flood water had already begun to submerge the store's basement where backstock inventory and display arrangements are stored.

As Jeff, Sammy and the two customers opened the door to evacuate the store the muddy waters poured into the store front. They made there way up the hill of Main St. towards Jeff's car at the top of the hill. Forunately, everyone escaped alive and with out any injuries. We are truly thankful for the heroic acts of both Sammy and Jeff alike.

Days following the flood brought a full range of emotions to all of us who work, live and love Primitive Beginnings. While we waited for access to see our store and its state, everyone wonder "What will the inside [of the store] look like? How many damages occured to the build? Were their any invetory losses and how many?" On Tuesday, May 29, 2018 the county was finally allowing access residence and bussiness owners to their respective buildings.

We have spent many hours over the past three days stepping over an abundance of rubble and sink holes to haul out the mud-water soaked products and clothes. While we were only allowed access for 2-4 hours the past couple days, we have succesfully collected most, if not all of our invetory. We have experienced a handful of desctructive damages to many products, but what has been salvaged will be sent to our Fells Point location.

For the time being, we urge you to please spread the word of our experience with this Ellicott City flood of 2018 and to continue your ongoing support by sharing and contributing to our GoFundMe page.

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