Ellicott City’s Flood Anniversary Weekend

August 03, 2017

Ellicott City Town Clock Flood Anniversary

It has been a dream of ours to finally open a storefront in Historical Ellicott City right on Main Street. We feel proud of how much our small business has grown this past year, and how we have had the opportunity to contribute to the growth of this town.  Ellicott City became national news last July due to an extreme flash flood, which destroyed Main Street, wiped out businesses, and was the cause of three deaths.  This past year it has been amazing to see this great community come together and help build each other up. Despite some businesses not having the opportunity to reopen, fresh hope was brought to this town with new eager small business owners bringing unique products and food to the community.

We feel honored to be a part of this town, and we were excited to join in on our Flood Commemoration Weekend ceremonies this past weekend.  The ceremonies started at 7 AM, so us as well as other business on Main Street opened our doors extra early (9 AM) due to all of the new visitors to the town. It was a moving moment for us as a new town Kiwanis Club clock was unveiled (the original was swept away in the flood, stopping at the time the flood hit) as well as the planting of three beautiful cherry trees in remembrance of the three members of our community who lost their lives.

The weekend was one not only of remembrance, but of celebration of how far the town as come, and all it’s potential!  A 5K race was held on Main Street, free concerts and outdoor movies showed, and restoration tours were available to show the town’s progress.  Primitive Beginnings (along with other fellow shops) offered special discounts and freebies as a thank you for everyone who has supported us on our journey.

While we did not have our storefront yet while the flood hit, we still do what we can to contribute to the community and to help build up other businesses. With a town so close to our heart, we want to do everything we can to help Ellicott City succeed!

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