How to Make your Dorm Room Feel like Home

August 31, 2017

How to Make your Dorm Room Feel like Home

Moving away from home and setting up your life for college is a wonderful and exciting experience, but it may be a little unsettling as well. A way to help conquer your back-to-school fears is to bring the comforts of home to your dorm room, and to create a fun space great for hosting movie nights or to just get away from it all! Here are some tips to add some personality to your new space!


1. Add some Ambient Lighting

Nobody likes those cold LED strip lights, and you definitely don’t want to feel like you are in the classroom when you should be relaxing in your space! Keep the overhead lighting off and bring in some cool accent lighting! Bring a bedside or desk lamp, and give your space dreamy vibes with paper lanterns, Christmas lights, or fairy lights! If you don’t like the look of a boring gooseneck desk light, look for more unique light fixtures, such a vintage piece from our Industrial Light Collection!

2. Update Drab Bedding

Dorm room beds are nothing to write home about, so make it as comfortable as possible with some memory foam and luxurious bedding and pillows! We recommend a white fluffy duvet which you can change the style of with various pillows or throw blankets!

3. Surround yourself with Inspiration

College life can be lots of fun, but it is also a challenge as well. Keep your spirits high with daily inspirational reminders! Incorporate these elements into your life through wall art/posters, school supplies, and clothing!

4. Turn Necessities into Decor

There are some things you just can’t live without, and there are many home items you may plan on packing that you will need on a daily basis (toothbrush, school supplies, etc.) Since these items are such an important part of your daily routine, why not make them more fun to bring some cheer throughout your day! Try giving an update to your kitchenware items such as coffee mugs and tea towels. Add some humor and design elements to your everyday school supplies, and store your small items in colorful canvas tote bags (perfect for carrying your art supplies or bathroom necessities).


We hope this post heped inspire you as you begin the new school year! Comment down below what dorm-styling tips that you have used yourself!


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