Primitive Babe | Taylor Evans

May 16, 2018

Primitive Babe | Taylor Evans

Hi Taylor! Tell us how you got into Baltimore fashion?

I moved to Baltimore in March 2015, after graduating college from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, NY, with out knowing a single person. I’ve always loved expressing myself through personal style, so I decided to start showcasing my outfits as well as my adventures on Instagram.

What made you want to start blogging?

I’ve had an attachment to writing because it’s one of the few mediums in which the author can influence readers through word selection and placement. I was looking for a hobby when I first moved to Baltimore, and blogging gave me the perfect excuse to combine my love for writing and urban adventures! My blog, Stylish Taylored, is focused on finding happiness through life's everyday adventures. I believe in tailoring my experiences to create a fulfilling life so I write about what vivifies my soul - personal style, new perspectives, shared experiences, local businesses, and urban adventures through Baltimore and beyond. In turn, I hope I can inspire others to curate their lives with fulfilling experiences, both big and small!

What do you like to do outside of your blog-life?

I spend my days working in biomedical research at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine — and when I’m not at work or blogging, I’m hiking, traveling to see college friends, at the Farmers’ Market, or sitting in a coffee shop listening to music.  

What are some of your favorite go-to spots in Baltimore?

Some of my favorite spots are: Wet City, R.House, and Ceremony Coffee! Wet City is a craft beer bar in Mount Vernon with one of the best beer selection and unique cocktail menus in the city. Located in Remington, R.House is a food hall-style restaurant with a handful of food options for any craving and dietary restriction. Lastly, as a coffee lover, Ceremony Coffee is one of my favorite stops to fuel up on caffeine and get work done; both their Mount Vernon and Harbor Point locations have a amazing interior aesthetics, a perfect atmosphere to drink their exclusive roasts and coffee cocktails.

What is something people don't know about you?

I’m an only child! Growing up solo, I learned a lot - one of the greatest being how to be comfortable with myself. Some people assume that being an only child is lonely; in my opinion, it taught me how to be self-aware, self-reliant, and self-sure. All three of things have helped me get into a PhD program while also helping with entrepreneurship, building my brand, networking, modeling, and maintaining an overall optimistic attitude as a woman in both science and business!

Summer is right around the you have any style tips for the changing season?

For me, summer is all about light colors & layers! It’s hot during the day but can be cold at night; so if you’re like me, and often running around from event to event without a chance to go home, layering is important! I love pairing summer dresses with denim jackets, as well as button up shirts with crop tops to give depth and versatility to a warm-weather look. I'm a firm believer you can be dressed both practically and cute!

Want to learn more about Taylor? Follow her on Instagram @stylishlytaylored

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