Wanderlust Lifestyle

May 02, 2018

Wanderlust Lifestyle

So you've got a case of the wanderlust with a city girl's heart? Same.

Just because you may feel surrounded by cement does not mean you are restricted to a city lifestyle. There are plenty of ways to escape the sounds and lights of the city with out even leaving. It is a mental escape you bring yourself to that allows not only your mind, but your body to reach that sense of wanderlust you desire. Dress the vision you have captured in your mind and you can live that lifestyle everyday, despite your local surroundings. It is about recognizing your dreams and following them, finding serenity in a busy city and exploring your community.

So, lets get into the details of "how-to" live a wanderlust, nomadic, care-free(er) lifestyle, or at least notions, that can help move you closer to reach the lust you dream of. Discover your community and how you can bring that into your everyday life. Sign up for a yoga class! They tend to have extra events that also fall outside of their own studio which allows you the opportunity to meet new people and see new places. With that being said, leave your phone at home when going to the gym! Allow your mind a chance to reset and recharge with out technology attached to yopur body. Eat greens before coffee! Start incorporating green juice into your morning routine. You will notice you still get that boost of energy your body craves, plus eating a plant based diet help set you into that nomadic mindset by hellping to to connect even deeper with the earth.

Pack light by packing what you need! Why not? Of course, pack your lunch to work (the enviroment will thank you!), a water bottle to stay hydrated, a source to power your phone, wallet, keys, extra layers or clothes (maybe you go to the gym) and a little something to allow you to be creative. This way, while you are on the go, you wont find a need to run back home for something your forgot or need. You can be fully prepared which will help you alow yourself to stay out to see sights you havent seen before! Walk to work (or school)! Perhaps it will take an extra 30 minutes from typical morning routine, but this option will allow you to see more of what you live in. Who knows, maybe you will pass by a store or venue you have never heard of so you can share new experiences with your friends!

And who says you can't explore at home? With today's internet, their is a wealth of information that is right at your fingertips. While I would encourage a digital detox while finding your true north, try consciously exploring the world through the web! Visualize your next voyage and then plan your adventure to a state or country you've never been to! Last but not least, get creative! Being creative is such a wonderful outlet that allows you to escape the everyday hustle and bustle. Try cooking a food you've never tried, share your everyday experience through the art of your hand written word, turn on some tunes and get your boogy on or try a new fashion trend and wear it to work or out on a date. Take time to reflect recreate and share. Through the creative process, you open the posibility to explore + discover a new you. Adventures await!

If, in the end, this all sounds like more than your willing to jump into, you could always go to a newly found coffee shop and then bike to a local park. You are likely to have not canvassed every near by park. Look at a map, pick out a trail and go for a nature hike! Not only are you exploring a new place, but you are outside. Placing yourself outside and quietly taking it in is envigorating to the human spirit. Breath it in + enjoy!

Wanderlust can be found anywhere as long as you can find it within you.

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